Monthly Archives: January 2016

This is a departure from scanography art but worth it — Scott Bennett’s botanical illustrations, particularly of carnivorous plants, are simply delightful.  Sundews, butterworts, Venus’ fly traps, all in stunning detail.  The precise and botanically accurate images of this style have always been of interest to me and his execution is particularly worth checking out! Now I just need to find some wall space for a print (or three!).

For many years this site was lovingly maintained using good ol’ Front Page — OK, maybe that was more of a “love/hate” relationship.  The ex-programmer in me enjoyed learning the technology at the time, but the world has changed.  The plethora of devices today puts manual site maintenance out of the reach of the casual site maintainer — at least if you want a responsive site that adapts to the type of device being used. Today there are so many new hosting options but I’ve used WordPress successfully elsewhere so I thought I’d give it… Read Article →

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