Monthly Archives: March 2016

This past weekend we went to a Paradise City art show/sale.  I’ve been to numerous arts and crafts shows and have exhibited in a few but have nearly always been disappointed because they were way more crafts than arts — booth after booth of bead jewelry with only a smattering of photographers or painters.  This show was clearly a cut above. My initial skepticism was fueled by the admission fee.  Really?  Paying $13 to shop?  That fee, though still annoying, was fairly quickly relegated to the back of my mind by the quality and variety… Read Article →

Lily Kaleidoscope has been accepted by the judges to be included in the 2016 Norfolk Open Invitational.  Along with selected works from other artists, Lily Kaleidoscope will be on display March 28th to April 30, 2016 at the Norfolk Public Library, 139 Main Street.  Mark your calendar!

It has been an unsettlingly warm winter — more like one in Virginia than New England, with only one really deep cold snap and snow “event”.  January and February of this year had an average temperature of 32.0 and 34.5 degrees at our house vs. 28.3 and 21.0 for last year so measurably warmer.  Two microscopic data points don’t a warming trend make, but there is other web real estate devoted to climate “debate” so we’ll stick to art here.  (OK, can’t resist one comment — one from Neil Degrasse-Tyson: “The good thing about science is… Read Article →

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