Monthly Archives: July 2016

Deep in drought like most of New England and the plants are sure showing it. They’re still blooming, but definitely aren’t lasting as long as they might. Some of the ferns near our pool have shriveled up, and most lawns are becoming a nice tan color.  (Ours is still moderately green – I’m careful not to cut it too short, and it also gets a fair amount of shade). There have been scattered storms around the past few days but they’ve been studiously avoiding us — though even if they did hit it wouldn’t do… Read Article →

One of the joys and frustrations of gardening the dealing with the vagaries of nature — both weather and pests.  The vegetable garden this year was decimated by critters, with nearly all of the peas lopped off by a lop-eared rabbit (sorry, couldn’t resist) who snuck behind the wire barricade I had in place.  Corn crop will be at most 1/3 of normal from a combination of seed eaters and poor germination (bad seed?) Flower gardens on the other hand are doing wonderfully. The daylilies are scrumptious – we have a full palette range of… Read Article →

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