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It is easy to downplay the learning curve required with scanner photography.  Certainly there are the the mechanics of the process, starting witht he scan itself: getting the scanner set up properly, adjusting any color profiles and capture settings, and even an occasional driver conflict. Once captured there’s another batch of expertise that needs to be developed for editing the images: how to Spot Heal, clone, mastering opacity when painting around the edges of the flowers to make the background black. Lots of pieces that need to come together. Those elements can be learned through… Read Article →

The contentious election brought into focus again the tremendous power of the internet for connecting people to ideas – good or bad, right or wrong.  The information available is both amazing and overwhelming at the same time, though unfortunately largely unfiltered and truly the “drinking from the fire hose” metaphor applies.  The internet can only deliver, it can’t help one gauge whether the information is right or wrong, up or down, helping or hurting — that remains left to each of us. I have to hope that the good in this ever-growing information flood outweighs the… Read Article →

Usually at this time of year the brilliant red and orange maple leaves are scrambling over each other to climb onto the scanner glass for a chance to be captured like in Fall Leaf Collage II or Seasonings.  OK, maybe I help them a little bit.  This year hasn’t been the case.  Walking through our front lawn this morning I couldn’t find a single leaf that wasn’t at least partially shredded — not by wind or a long summer’s wear and tear but from this year’s gypsy moth and winter moth infestations.  Most of the… Read Article →

Buying a new car that is a bit uncommon can make lots of that model suddenly appear on the road.  Well, not really – it is just that they catch your eye because you have one and are more familiar with the look and style of your new wheels.  Your frame of reference shapes your view of the world and helps capture your attention. The same is true with scanography.  Whenever I see an interesting new flower I’m immediately thinking of how to capture it on the scanner glass – solo, or in a collage? What… Read Article →

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