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Those of you who have been following my blog here know that I hang out in the WetCanvas site periodically, checking out what other artists are producing and using it for inspiration.  The site has forums for just about any media you can imagine and I regularly come across works that make me sit up and “Oh, wow!” Here’s the latest by an “indirect method” (not too clear on that yet) artist named Delmus Phelps: I especially love the tremendous depth achieved in the first image and suspect it may be even more so… Read Article →

My favorite local show is coming up, the annual “Arts in Bloom” juried show at the Hopkinton Center For The Arts.  While the art is always high caliber, what I love about the show are the accompanying floral arrangements provided by the Hopkinton Garden Club. They select various works and create arrangements that reflect the colors and themes found in the art.  I’m always impressed with the creative use of not just flowers but other botanical materials to complement the paired painting or photograph and together the two works are more than one plus one…. Read Article →

You may not have heard about metal prints before — i know I hadn’t until a few years ago.  They are a glossy print on an aluminum base,  What’s the appeal?  Super bright colors to start with, shiny but not a lot of glare, and deep rich blacks that make floral scans really stand out.  I’ve had a couple printed up and love the result, the most recent “acquisition” being Banquet.  The price initially may cause hesitation, but they come (from the FineArtAmerica site I use) ready to hang: there is a wood rectangular frame… Read Article →

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