Gardener’s Dream

After a dry summer or two 2017 has shaped up as a wet one so far.  The dampness is supposed to help suppress the Gypsy moths but I suspect that is for the following year with fewer caterpillars successfully pupating, because the oaks sure took it hard around here this year.  Not as bad as last year’s stripping but plenty of see-thru trees around nonetheless.  Only two weeks into the 2nd half of the year and we’re already past 31 inches at our house (  60 inches for the year?  Yikes!

But the lawns and gardens certainly show it.  Our hose lies lonely and unused but I’m fine with that.  Any dry periods trigger watering bans anyway, but at most even in the allowed periods I only would water single veggie plants anyway, never the lawn.  Keeping it well composted and not mowing too short makes a big difference as even in dryer years our lawn is generally greener and healthier than “professionally” maintained lawns.

Our flower beds are enjoying the drinks, though.  We’re right at the peak of things with daylilies going crazy this year and butterfly weed showing their orange tops everywhere since we’ve let them seed themselves a bit.  Summer Gems has some peeking through, and a little blossom bunch takes the stage in And They Call It A Weed.  But in looking through what’s posted here I realize I need to get going on capturing some more of that spectacular plant – and so I have, but given the time required to edit they may not show up here until the darker days of winter — stay tuned!

It is interesting how variable the years are.  While the butterfly weed is going full bore, other usually reliable flowers were disappointing this year, such as the miniature iris found in Little Eyes. Most springs they form almost a carpet of their little six inch blossoms, but this year only about 1/10th the number.  The leaves are there just fine, just no flowers.  Huh.

So as is usual I’ll just have to “make do” with what’s there, the bounty of one year different from the next.

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