Delmus Phelps’ Realistic Floral Art

First impression of that name may be that it is a Harry Potter character, but his works tend much more to the realistic world than fantasy that’s for sure.  Those that have been following my posts know that I sometimes poke around the WetCanvas site and encounter many an interesting and talented artist there, and Delmus’ work popped up in the Florals and Botanicals forum where he has highlighted several of his works, including some “in progress” images so you can see the process he uses.  I’m a fan of realism in the botanical art area and his works are striking in that regard, seeming to pop off of the computer monitor and no doubt even more so “IRL”.

More of his works are found on his web site,

If you have any artistic interests WetCanvas is a nice safe place to hang out.  You can post works to just share or use the structured critique area to solicit feedback on something you’ve done.  I’ve found the contributors unfailingly polite and helpful – no trolls, except maybe in the fantasy art forum!

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