Strutting Peacocks

Earlier this month I was able to spend two weeks in the Colorado Rockies – aspen turning gold, an early snow had frosted the peaks (and some of the valleys), and, while there were some overcast and occasionally damp days, there were enough stellar blue ones to make the visit quite memorable.

One such memory was visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens.  If you’re in the area and the weather cooperates, definitely check it out.  There are a few dozen different biomes and specialty gardens, with a different one around each corner, making exploring the paths a delight.

What made it particularly special is that the Peacock butterflies had apparently come down from the mountains to feast on the remaining flowers in the gardens.  There had been plenty up in the valleys yet, but they were swarming in the park, with the aster plants (one of their food sources) often having 20 or 30 flitting about on some of the larger specimens such as this one:

Good timing for me, unplanned, but if you’re in the area in early October you may also get a special treat from such a visit!

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