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Well, I hope that title doesn’t jinx things…but the first step has been taken.  Not referring directly to anything scanner photography related but instead I’m delighted that both amaryllis bulbs we have are going to bloom!  Gifts to us a couple of years ago we enjoyed their enormous showy blooms, bringing color to the house in that late March dead zone: brown outside or at most remnants of dirty snow, too cold and ground too soggy to do much outside and certainly nothing growing yet.  Definitely a nice lift at that time of year. However… Read Article →

There are no art galleries in my town, or even in the immediately abutting ones.  I’ve visited Cape Cod and checked out it’s plentiful galleries, especially in Provincetown, but they’re geared towards the tourist trade that wants memories of their Cape vacation and thus mostly seascapes and other paintings, not photography and certainly nothing in the genre of my art that I was able to find.  So gallery representation doesn’t appear to be much of an option for me. So I’m trying something a little different: exhibiting in an office.  In particular, a dentist office,… Read Article →

I don’t make it a habit of endorsing products, mostly because I’m pretty picky and it really takes something to stand out to make me want to attach my name to it.  I’ll make an exception for the Sunpak TravelLite Pro tripod. What’s special about it? Solid yet not overweight – It is something I can carry in my camera bag or slung over a shoulder without thinking I’m slogging around dead weight.  It just feels solid, well-machined, stable. The twist locks are trivial to set at any height, and combined with two locking leg… Read Article →

When I started my first tentative floral scans (yikes!  11 years ago now!) I really had no idea about dpi, resolution, file formats or any of the technical aspect of scanner photography.  Yes, I have a computer background and so bits and bytes and similar technology was familiar to me, but best practices with regards to scanning and manipulating the resulting images was new to me and I could easily have lost many early works to bad practices or trial and error. Fortunately I was given a copy of Wayne Fulton’s “A Few Scanning Tips”… Read Article →

First impression of that name may be that it is a Harry Potter character, but his works tend much more to the realistic world than fantasy that’s for sure.  Those that have been following my posts know that I sometimes poke around the WetCanvas site and encounter many an interesting and talented artist there, and Delmus’ work popped up in the Florals and Botanicals forum where he has highlighted several of his works, including some “in progress” images so you can see the process he uses.  I’m a fan of realism in the botanical art… Read Article →

Earlier this month I was able to spend two weeks in the Colorado Rockies – aspen turning gold, an early snow had frosted the peaks (and some of the valleys), and, while there were some overcast and occasionally damp days, there were enough stellar blue ones to make the visit quite memorable. One such memory was visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens.  If you’re in the area and the weather cooperates, definitely check it out.  There are a few dozen different biomes and specialty gardens, with a different one around each corner, making exploring the paths… Read Article →

We’ve had three separate sightings of monarch butterfly in our flower beds this year.  The most recent visitor was skittish and soared up and over the neighbor’s house before I even came close, but an earlier guest cruised around our beds for a good 15 minutes, sampling from quite a variety in the front beds but favoring the butterfly weed the most (though it is also one of our more prolific species – kudos to my wife for getting us started on them!) This three (and hopefully counting!) tally is more than the previous five… Read Article →

After a dry summer or two 2017 has shaped up as a wet one so far.  The dampness is supposed to help suppress the Gypsy moths but I suspect that is for the following year with fewer caterpillars successfully pupating, because the oaks sure took it hard around here this year.  Not as bad as last year’s stripping but plenty of see-thru trees around nonetheless.  Only two weeks into the 2nd half of the year and we’re already past 31 inches at our house (  60 inches for the year?  Yikes! But the lawns and… Read Article →

Those of you who have been following my blog here know that I hang out in the WetCanvas site periodically, checking out what other artists are producing and using it for inspiration.  The site has forums for just about any media you can imagine and I regularly come across works that make me sit up and “Oh, wow!” Here’s the latest by an “indirect method” (not too clear on that yet) artist named Delmus Phelps: I especially love the tremendous depth achieved in the first image and suspect it may be even more so… Read Article →

You may not have heard about metal prints before — i know I hadn’t until a few years ago.  They are a glossy print on an aluminum base,  What’s the appeal?  Super bright colors to start with, shiny but not a lot of glare, and deep rich blacks that make floral scans really stand out.  I’ve had a couple printed up and love the result, the most recent “acquisition” being Banquet.  The price initially may cause hesitation, but they come (from the FineArtAmerica site I use) ready to hang: there is a wood rectangular frame… Read Article →

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