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Time for that annual complaint: “How can it be getting to be almost 20xx already??”  But it is coming, ready or not, and putting together the Bits of Nature Calendar has been part of that preparation for me for nearly 10 years.  Keeps the challenge up for me to come up with new works every year that are at least somewhat “themed” to the season, and I’ve wrapped up this year’s effort.  It is available now on Lulu!

Lily Kaleidoscope was honored April 9th with first place overall in the Norfolk Cultural Council’s 2016 juried Invitational Show.  The 70+ works accepted into the show will be on display at the Norfolk Public Library from March 28th through April 30th.

Lily Kaleidoscope has been accepted by the judges to be included in the 2016 Norfolk Open Invitational.  Along with selected works from other artists, Lily Kaleidoscope will be on display March 28th to April 30, 2016 at the Norfolk Public Library, 139 Main Street.  Mark your calendar!

I was recently interviewed about the scanner photography technique and the resulting article is a nice synopsis of my approach to the form.  Check it out! Franklin Town News

For many years this site was lovingly maintained using good ol’ Front Page — OK, maybe that was more of a “love/hate” relationship.  The ex-programmer in me enjoyed learning the technology at the time, but the world has changed.  The plethora of devices today puts manual site maintenance out of the reach of the casual site maintainer — at least if you want a responsive site that adapts to the type of device being used. Today there are so many new hosting options but I’ve used WordPress successfully elsewhere so I thought I’d give it… Read Article →

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