Monthly Archives: October 2016

Two weeks ago I headed out to western Massachusetts to visit my daughter and her husband and head out to the Paradise City art show being held in her area.  I had been to the show in Marlborough earlier and many (most?) of the exhibitors were the same but still was enjoyable to see the generally very high quality offerings found in the show.  The skill and creativity far surpasses what can be found in most local “arts and crafts” shows and did command higher prices accordingly, but as I looked at the works I… Read Article →

Spring in Massachusetts this year was marked by a significant gypsy moth outbreak and the little critters left their mark on wide swaths of forest and neighborhood trees.  Now during what should be peak fall color I see that the hues are indeed subdued by not only the shredded leaves and the extended drought that as also been part of this strange  weather pattern. Still, there are many brightly colored maples around, their reds and golds particularly prominent when backed by a stand of pines.  Up close, though, the legacy of the moths remains: cuts… Read Article →

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