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A fine art print on your home or office wall should be something that catches your eye every time you glance at it, giving you pleasure every day.  If not, what's the point?  You might as well just hang wallpaper.  So with my art I offer a simple guarantee: I want you to absolutely love the work you invest in, so if you don't love it, return it for your money back.  Period.

Prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes with numerous options for matting and frames all through Fine Art America. I've been nothing but delighted with the quality of the results, with many works from FAA gracing our home.

Because of the very high resolution of these images, custom prints can be ordered as well as the various sizes selectable on the Fine Art America site.  Sizes up to 35x50 inches and in some cases even larger can be produced without any loss of image quality.  In fact, the amazing resolution and quality of these prints really must be seen to be appreciated -- the pictures on this site are at less than 1/15th the resolution of the source images!  Larger size prints really bring out the rich, close-up detail of the flowers and plants.

If you are interested in any special sizes or quantities please contact orders@bitsofnature.biz.



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